Business Field

CR Food is expanding its business with its four main principles:
health, creativity, challenge, consideration.

Business Field

Business Field

CR Food, the best grain processing company helps our society be healthy.

CR Food was established as a cereal production company in September 2007 and has become one of the leading companies in the cereal market. Since entering the global market with cereals and cereal bars, also with new technologies, we have become the specialized grain processing company. CR Food expecting more valuable and healthy products coming from its efforts for challenges and innovations.

Sprouted whole grains

As our life changes, our diet changes. Sprouted whole grains product is more than alternative food but highly processed food providing convenience and high nutrition.

Cereal products

The use of local raw material secures product's safety. Our various grains keeping good texture and tastes will help you to have a convenient and joyful meal.

Cereal bars / Snacks

New and trendy products have been launched. It presents many products from snacks for fun and healthy alternative meal.