Business Area

CR Food is expanding its business with its four main principles:
health, creativity, challenge, consideration.

Business Area

Produces PB, OEM products using self-developed technology and supplies through more than 120 solid networks
from Korea's major distribution companies to global channels.


SBranding CR Food’s products via launching online mall and Social Network marketing


Growing as a specialized rice processing company from rice products such as rice cereals, rice cereal bars.


Increased and stabilized sales of PB and OEM products for major distributors in Korea.


No royalty for production opens the overseas channels to Japan, China, South East Asia countries.

01. NB products

We produce diverse products in the range of customer-oriented, creative, and trendy to respond to global consumer demands.

Main NB products

Organic Korean Rice Flakes
Korean Rice Flakes
Five grains Chocoropin
Pororo Corn Pleasure
Pororo Almond Flakes
Korean Rice Ring
79 Corn Cereal Bar
79 Corn yogurt bar
79+Crunch Nuts Bar
Choco Cat bar
Honey oranda bar
Premium Rice Cookies - Chocolate
Premium Rice Cookies - Coconut
Red bean Oats
Black sesame Oats

02. PB product

Our standardized and controlled high-quality products with our technology are supplied to Korean major distributors.

Main PB products


Amond Cranberry Cereals


Corn Original Bars


Five Grains Chocoballs


Korean Rice Flakes

Lotte Choice L

Sweet Corn Cereal

GS Supermarket 

Yogurt Cereal

Coupang Gomgom 

Corn Flakes original

Coupang Gomgom

Whole Grain Rice Bar

CJ OliveYoung

Nutmix corn cereal bar


Every Bite healthy energy bar

Amway Japan

XS energy bar



03. OEM products

Our products meet customer’s demands and build a strong relationship with them.

04. Global partners

Starting in 2007, CR Food has become a competitive global company that introduces the best products for each country and export to more than 10 countries.
CR Food welcomes new global partners who can grow together on basis of capability and specialty in food processing.